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Created for the finest kitchens in the world.

Our uncompromising approach to knifemaking involves years of research into fine materials, metallurgy, manufacturing and movement in the kitchen.

Aura is the result of our unremitting commitment to knifemaking.  Combining exquisite materials with groundbreaking design into a knife with unrivaled performance.


The best cuts from local California trees. The best iron ores and alloys blended domestically with a steel making process reserved for aerospace cutting tools. We give our customers a crisp, poppy knife, that’s full of reverberation, and a fine edged blade that effortlessly glides through food. We want to expand peoples perceptions about knives and prove our finely tuned instruments can elevate anyone’s cooking.



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The new Chakra

6.7” Pursuit


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Native to California, and founded in 2011 Aura’s story is somewhat unique. The romantic tale of founders creating something out of necessity is not our story.
The truth is- knives have been adequate for hundreds of years, and as long as they were sharp nobody complained.

In the world of cutting edges, untapped innovations have occurred in the last 4 decades. Metallurgical science has taken leaps and bounds with none of it was making it’s way into cooking knives. Too costly and too sophisticated for the average consumer. Knives were just not impressive, that’s why we started Aura.

We are not your average knife company.