Aura was founded on the principles of uncompromising performance and craft, and the new Chakra pushes many of the limits we pioneered with our original model. Our ongoing commitment to studying the bio-mechanics and ergonomics of knife strokes produced refinements to our 3D handle and ball bolster.  

The result is the new Chakra, lighter and more dexterous than any other knife in our history.

Aura Shakra32074.jpg

3D Handle

The spherical bolster makes precision cutting intuitive. Command the knife tip by engaging the bolster directly. For fast powerful cutting, choke up and pinch the blade.

The faceted handle quickly adapts to different grip orientations.

For high speed knifework- nimbly switch between quick controlled power and fine surgical precision.


The Blade

6.7 inches of steel that will transform your culinary experience.

The satin finish of Aura Stainless steel was also developed to reduce friction – and in particular stiction (or "static" friction).

The blade’s rocker provides a pronounced rebound effect that equates to faster chopping.