Building performance with fine materials.

We hand-select the finest available materials to create the Aura One.


Rare California burl wood

Used in the handle because its it’s isotropic grain provides strength in every direction, minimizing shear and compression under the hand.

A layer of black palm, with its strong grain laid diagonally into the tang, provides a powerful coupling between the handle and the blade.

A clear coating provides a high performance lifetime finish that will not dry out over time.

Gemstone counterweights

Finely tuned to provide ideal working balance in a sleek design. Ever wonder why French knives have that bulbous shape at the end of the handle? Many think it’s just to keep the knife securely in your hand. There’s actually a reason for it, that reason is mechanical leverage. Concentrating weight further away from the ingredient you’re chopping increases the force exerted. This is particularly helpful when cutting tough ingredients. For example butternut squash.


hot steel.jpg

Aura Stainless Steel

The result of years of metallurgical research. Crafting perfect steel is an art that requires patience and a commitment to achieving the finest balance between hardness, edge-retention, ductility, consistency and corrosion resistance.

Aura Stainless is crafted using more than 30 steps and provides phenomenal sharpness and edge retention for the professional kitchen while retaining corrosion-resistance for a lifetime of use.

Vanadium and niobium are the secret ingredients to this spectacular alloy.