Aura One Cherry & Jasper

Aura One Cherry & Jasper


Aura One Cherry & Jasper

The new Aura One knife is finished with a California grown Cherry Burl wood and Jasper gemstone handle.

Aura One knives are designed for the highest culinary performance and are handmade in California by our master knife-smiths.

Each knife features:

  • Aura 3D contoured rare burl wood and brass handles for precise handling with minimal fatigue

  • Precious gemstone counterweights for perfect knife balance

  • Advanced Aura One blade geometry promoting smooth cuts with efficient rebound and low friction for professional fine cooking

  • High-grade lifetime finishes preserving the beauty of your unique one of a kind handle.

  • 9.5" blade edge, 2" height

Aura Stainless blade composition:

  • Niobium & Vanadium enriched patented inox steel, made using a powdered metallurgical process.

  • Cryogenically treated: 100 hours for enhanced edge retention.

  • Triple tempered to a final hardness of 61 HRC.

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