“I love my aura knife, sharp as it looks. Great for vegetable work, long and sharp enough for clean cuts on protein cooked or raw, and absolutely beautiful to look at and hold. I am happy I made the move to add the aura to my knife bag for all those precise cuts, plus who doesn't need more knives?!”

Kevin Finch Former Chef de cuisine at Atelier Crenn

Michelin Guide 2-Star - San Francisco, CA

"Having used so many different types of knives in the kitchen I have always struggled to find that all purpose knife that holds an edge for long projects...Until I got my first Aura knife, an Aura One. Aura knives not only hold an edge but they are clearly designed by people who know how to cook. “

Ali Matteis Former Chef de partie at Meadowood

Michelin Guide 3-Star - Napa Valley, CA

“It’s awesome! Perfect size. Almost too pretty to use, now I just have to match my knife skills up to be on par with the craftsmanship.”
James Syhabout Chef at Commis

Michelin Guide 2-Star - Oakland, CA

“The first moment I held an Aura Knife I could feel the craftsmanship and care that went into not only the blade but the gorgeous handle. I have had my Aura knife for 6 months now and with every culinary competition I've entered it seems that more and more competitors ask about it. It truly is one of the most functional and aesthetically pleasing knifes I've ever had the pleasure of owning.”

- John Taube IV Sous Chef at NoMad

Downtown Los Angeles, CA